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Council suspends PDM to protect lagoon

Council suspends PDM to protect lagoon

Loulé council has suspended its municipal master plan (PDM) in a bid to stop development in the heart of the Almargem lagoon, described as one of the last green areas between Quarteira and Vale do Lobo.

The project involves demolishing Quarteira’s Orbitur campsite and make room for a 499-room tourist development with six-storey buildings.

Público newspaper broke the story last week saying the council has used climate change – rising sea levels in particular – to justify its decision.

The project is led by a real estate fund called Invesfundo VII, part of the Novo Banco group, which has already contested the decision in a letter sent to municipal councillors.

It calls on the council “not to commit an illegal act that is damaging to the interests of private (investors)”, adding that a decision like this shouldn’t be made without hearing the opinions of everyone, from local citizens to companies and other regional entities.

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