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Algarve travel guide

Algarve travel guide

Travel directory

Designed as a special handy guide outlining the best way to get from A to Z in the Algarve and further afield by plane, bus, train or car. We have tried to make it as reader-friendly as possible with ­direct telephone numbers and website addresses.

Faro International Airport is situated a few kilometres outside the Algarve’s capital city and about 50kms from Carvoeiro and Lagoa for general flight information telephone 289 800 800/1 or 289 800 617 for arrivals and departures. The lost and found office can be contacted on 289 800 714. The following airlines operate ­direct scheduled flights from Faro to destinations around Europe.

Tap air portugal

Freephone: 707 205 700


Portugalia airlines

Tel: 289 800852/3


british airways

Freephone: 808 200 125



Tel: 289 800 692


ltu international airways

Tel: 808 202 737


monarch airlines

Tel: 800 860 270





Tel: 214 159 122





Tel: 218 925 831

The Algarve is well served by

a number of coach and bus ­companies with offices and ­terminals in most major towns. There are daily connections along the coast and further inland.

There are regular services to numerous major destinations.

All local travel agents sell tickets and can provide a full schedule.


caminhos de ferro portugueses ep

The Portuguese public railway ­system operates a regional service along the Algarve coast between Vila Real de Santo António in the east and

Lagos in the west. There are several trains daily and ­reser­vations are not required.

There are connections at Tunes for inter-regional and mainline routes north to Lisbon ­(includes Alfa Pendular express service), Oporto, and Braga and reservations can be pre-booked.

Taxis are all metered, the current rate in May this year was 0.40 euros per kilometre though this was expected to rise by around 5 percent. Below are examples of average one-way fares from ­Carvoeiro. These rates operate ­between 6am and 9pm.

There is a 20 percent increase

between 9pm and 6am.


Carvoeiro – Faro Airport

60 Euros


Carvoeiro – Albufeira

25 Euros


Carvoeiro – Lagos

35 Euros

 services and information

Chemists are open from 9am to 7pm and closed for lunch ­between 1 and 2 on week days and on ­Saturday mornings. The chemist in Carvoeiro square is usually opened both Saturday and Sunday. Outside of normal opening hours, Chemists in Lagoa work on a rotor providing 24 ­service, details of the chemist open each day are posted in the windows of all other chemists


josé maceta


Rua Coronel Figueiredo

Tel: 282 342 678


sousa pires


Rua da Liberdade

Tel: 282 381 724


farmácia lagoa


Largo do Município

Tel: 282 352 137


oliveira martins


Rua da Hortina, 20

Tel: 282 461 232


neves furtado


Praia do Carvoeiro

Tel: 282 357 463

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am until 3pm. Cash advances are available on most credit cards and there are ATM machines ­outside major banks and in

many large supermarkets

and some petrol stations.

Open Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 6pm.

In the Algarve there are three phone areas with separate ­­­

pre-fixes of 281 (east) 289 (central) and 282 (west) and the prefix must be dialled whether calling from within or outside the area. For the UK dial 0044 (the ­international code) then omit the 0 area prefix for the number you are ­dialling.

For Ireland dial 00353 ­followed

by number. For directory

inquiries dial 118


Emergencies – Ambulance or Fire Sevice

Tel: 112


Lagoa Municipal


Tel: 282 380 400


Lagoa local authority

Tel: 282 352 655


Ferragudo local authority

Tel: 282 461 369


Fire Brigade Lagoa

Tel: 282 352 888


Police (GNR) Lagoa

Tel: 282 380 190


Police (GNR) Carvoeiro

Tel: 282 356 460


Clinic (Centro de Saúde) Lagoa

Tel: 282 340 370


Clinic (Centro de Saúde) Carvoeiro

Tel: 282 357 320


Clinic (Centro de Saúde) Ferragudo

Tel: 282 461 361


Taxis General

Tel: 282 460 610


Taxis (Ferragudo)

Tel: 919 471 929


Faro Airport

General Information

Tel: 289 800 800/1

Arrivals and Departures

Tel: 289 800 617